About Us

Headquartered in a Historic Landmark 1870 Victorian Mansion (Maison de Pillars), Fashion 4 The Leisure Class™ origins stem from a deep love for vintage fashion motifs from a bygone era. Fashionably designed by Author, Fashion Designer, and historical aficionado Prometheus Worley, our classic fashions are designed with an old money aesthetic in mind, containing contemporary a twist. In Thorstein Veblen’s (author of The Theory of The Leisure Class) day, the very notion of a “leisure class” was fraught with indolence, frivolity, and whimsical conspicuous consumption. In our “post-pandemic” present day, the term Leisure Class, has taken on a new more robust favorably nuanced description of those who take pride in their ability to work as well as dress, on their own terms.

Sheltering-in-place, rolling quarantines, and the normalization of zoom correspondence has given birth to the rise of a new incredibly fashionable class…a nouveau Athleisure Class. Fashionably adorned in clothing that prioritizes a harmonious duality between comfort and leisure, this newly emerging highly intelligent leisure class has brilliantly shifted the work dynamic, making employers rewrite acceptable corporate dress codes. No longer willing to except the constraining “pre-pandemic” codified requirements of standard dress, this rapidly rising stylish class demands “flexible fashion” which can be worn during work, play, leisure, and everything else in between. Their lives are infused with a deeper sense of passion, purpose, and wholistic better quality of live perspective, regarding everything they do.

It is this passion for flexibility in fashion, life, love, and leisure which inspired us to look back at a retro-fashion aesthetic that encompassed some of the most fascinating historical moments within the world of fashion (La Belle Epoque, Fin-de-siecle, The Gilded Age, The Roaring 1920’s).

This ethos of choosing to prioritize a wholistic better quality of life perspective, by many within this emerging class, is a perspective we highly embrace, endorse, and hope to continually support through our various designs and creations.


We at Fashion 4 The Leisure Class™ (Maison de Pillars) celebrate this highly evolving class of societal change makers….the nouveau Athleisure Class.

 Maison de Pillars, Headquarters of Fashion 4 The Leisure Class™ Clothing Brand

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